Essay On Hope In Life Of Pi

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It is foolish to think that food, water and electricity will bring back a standard way of living in both novels. The ability to endure all the challenges in such tough situations is almost unfeasible, however, the characters in the novels kept hope that they will survive and everything will be back to normal. The citizens of Sarajevo, as well as Pi Patel, kept hope even though they did not have electricity and had to put themselves in danger just to get basic human needs like food and water to ensure their survival. It is crucial to have inner qualities such as optimism and faith in order to have a strong mindset and positive thoughts during such a difficult time. Having these qualities ensures a life that is worth living, and the character’s…show more content…
In the book “Life of Pi” Pi Patel says “You might think I lost all hope at that point. I did. And as a result I perked up and felt much better.” Pi says he did lose all hope in doing so he felt better. This proves that Pi at one point in his journey to survival lost hope because things got to hard. In the novel “The Cellist of Sarajevo” Dragan says “If this city is to die, it won 't be because of the men on the hills, it will be because of the people in the valley. When they 're content to live with death, to become what the men on the hills want them to be, then Sarajevo will die.” Dragan says that if sarajevo was to die it would be because of the people who are being what the men on the hills want them to be. This proves that they are losing hope because they are doing ecatclty what the men on the hills want the people of the valley to be doing. Another quote that proves the loss of hope is when Hasan says "They 're probably dead too. I almost hope they are. Better that than have them forced to live with those monsters". Hasan is referring to the people captured by the men on the hills, he is saying that death is better than being held hostage by the enemy. This proves he lost hope because he gave up on the people that were
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