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The “Bonanza King of Leadville” and “The Silver King” these are just a couple of the names given to Horace Tabor. As part of the most famous love triangle, his life was great for a period of time, but soon the quality declined. Horace’s life went from rags, to riches, back to rags. When he died you could say he didn’t have a dime to his name. Horace Tabor was born on November 26, 1830, in Holland, Vermont. His parents, Cornelius Dunham Tabor and Sarah Ferrin Tabor, were very poor. Horace had four siblings, one sister and three brothers. He trained to be a storekeeper and stone mason when he was still a child. When he was 19 years old, Horace left home and decided to find work in the stone quarries of Massachusetts or Maine. He was hired by William B. Pierce in Augusta, Maine. Horace began a courtship with Augusta Pierce the daughter of his boss, William B. Pierce, which eventually led to marriage. Prior to marrying Augusta, Horace moved to what is now known as “Tabor Valley” in Kansas. Two years later he returned to Maine to marry young Augusta Pierce and take her to Tabor Valley. She often cried in Kansas because of the rugged terrain, the food, and rough conditions of her new life. While they were in Kansas they had a baby boy named Maxcy Tabor. In 1859 Horace, Augusta, Maxcy, and their two friends…show more content…
As news got around that silver had been found in Colorado the Silver Boom began. The value of silver was tremendously increased, and the Tabors became rich because of the profit they made from the “Little Pittsburgh” mine. This is something Horace never would have expected to happen. Horace and Augusta were now extremely wealthy. Horace sold his portion of the “Little Pittsburgh” for one million dollars to buy “The Matchless” mine. He spent a great deal of the profits he earned. He started silver mines, bought expensive clothes and donated money to have the Tabor Opera House
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