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INTRODUCTION Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport, involving two or more race horeses with jockeys (primarily as a profession) racing on the same distance for competition. The end is to identify which of horses is the fastest over a set course or distance. The rulse are prety much the same like in thebeging of racing. HISTORY Already in ancient times were horse racing with riders or carts popular spectacle, extended all over the world: Roman, United Kingdom and Greece as well as in China and Mongolia. Already at that time people mated winners with the best racers to get faster and faster horses. In the year 648 B.C. horseracing accepted in the Olympic program. Through the Romans the racing sport established in England and soon…show more content…
Straight gallop racing (racing without barriers at the track) regardless of the length of the line is divided into: • short haul (up to 1400 m), • track one mile (1600 m to 2000 m) • long distance (over 2200 m) For these types of gallop races, there are also special rules on the burden. Depending on age, gender and race performance horse the weight that must be worn. Race with obstacles are divided into racing through the wicker and hunting in the race. Both types have their origins in the "steeplechases". It was in England to compete on horses, which had to undergo the fastest rider and the shortest path over hill and dale, which took place from the top of the church bell tower to the next. Due to the great interest people have "steeplechases" moved on transparent, groomed pistes, which equip them with artificial obstacles, such as trenches, ditches and hedges. They named by the hunting races. The most famous, due to its danger as well as the most notorious hunting race, the Grand National, which is over 7220 meters long and has 32 jumps. Every year they organized on the racetrack Aintree in Liverpool, England. Racing through the wicker take place on a flat track, interrupted by a number of transmission bushy

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