The Benefits Of Horse Showing

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Showing Horses is a Sport Did you know that 7.1 million people in the US are involved in the horse industry? The percent of people that have nothing to do with horses or showing them, think that the horse does all of the work. Little do they know that a horse does not automatically know how to be ridden, they have to be taught to. Just like a little kid doesn't know how to read or write; they have to be taught. Horse showing is a sport for these reasons: the riders’ passion, hard work, and dedication. What little girl doesn’t want a pony/horse for their 5th birthday? But not every little girl gets to experience having a best friend: but if you do you develope the love and passion to be with that animal. That animal becomes their best friend. From best friends to passionate to you become obsessed. “She wanted something that drove her as hard as I was driven to make my life about horses” (Jaffe). Once the horse feels your passion it is hard to tell who has more passion, the horse or the equestrian. The 7.1 million people in the US that show horses all have a special passion for horses. The average equestrian spends about 25% or more of their day with a horse, or doing something that is horse related. Your obsession becomes an addiction. From now on “I” is no longer “I” it’s “we”. You start going to shows and you begin to get better and…show more content…
Everything the equestrian puts into the animal with getting them fit, keeping them healthy, making sure they get the attention they need it becomes a full time job, just to do what they love. At the end of the day all the hard work and dedication is what gets you to the big title. When you are showing in the arena and you just finish the winning showmanship pattern or just had the winning ride at the Congress and you hear your name called you know the work was worth it. Just as an Athlete loves being reward with wins, Equestrians love being rewarded with being successful as
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