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This report focuses on how the environment of a hospital can also be a threat to patients, public and staffs. Threats like natural elements, chemicals and drugs, microorganisms and vermin, wastes, sound and radiation, electricity, natural and unnatural disasters, surroundings, gravity and mechanical stress, and lastly, people.

The purpose of this report is to create awareness of the threats in hospitals and what kind of accidents they can cause to the patients, public and even the staffs themselves.
Estimated 440,000 people die every year from hospital errors, injuries, accidents and infections. Out of 25 of the patients, one suffers from an infection in the hospital and each day, 1000 patients will die due to an error that could have been prevented in a hospital. (Errors, Injuries, Accidents,
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while unnatural disasters are deaths resulted from human activities. An example of an accident caused by natural disasters is ‘Hurricane Katrina’ incident in the United States. A total of 11 hospitals that housed 1,749 patients and over 7,600 staffs and refugees was surrounded by floodwaters. The hospitals did not have any electricity to operate the medical equipment such as x-rays. It was estimated that 215 patients in Louisiana died in hospitals and nursing homes due to the loss of electricity. (Natural Disasters and Hospital Safety, n.d.) An example of unnatural disaster is nuclear incidents in Fukushima, Japan, that caused thousands of deaths.

The surrounding of the hospital also affects the patients, such as spaces, lighting, colour, noise levels and smells. For example, a noisy environment affects the growth of premature babies, especially their brain. Artificial lighting also affects them. (Race, 2012) Machines such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) also affects the patients due to the loud noise produced during the procedure.


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