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The major thrust areas of hospital management at various levels are: (i) management of clinical, intermediary, and support services; (ii) management of waste; (iii) human resource management; (iv) hospital planning; (v) quality management; (vi) management of information system; (vii) evaluation, and so on. At the district hospital level, the PMO is responsible for these activities, while, the Medical Officer in charge manages at the subdivisional hospital (SDH) and community health center (CHC) under the leadership of the
OPD and IPD services are the backbone of the all services which is been provided by the district hospital. If these crucial services of the hospital are improved then automatically lot of problem can be solved. The principal
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The societies are autonomous bodies registered under Section 20 of the Rajasthan Societies Act. The purpose was the two fold: a) to complement and supplement in existing health facility through additional revenue generation and b) to retain and use the resources generated in the hospital through decentralized decision making. Thus, income generated at government health facilities does not have to be disbursed to the state treasury; it can be used for improving hospital services directly where the income was generated. The Society is deemed to be a positive step to bring forth the required decentralization in the financial decision making process at the hospital level. There are 207 RMRS has been established till December 2001.
A management committee comprised of official and non-official members is empowered to decide on the use of funds without referring to the government. This independence in autonomy helps expedite local decision-making.
Free service is provided to “poor patients (BPL), senior citizens, widows, handicapped persons, accident & emergency cases, etc”. According to the guidelines 25% percent of the revenues to be spent directly on the BPL patients. During the visits to various facilities

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