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Hospital pharmacy is a department or service in the hospital which are responsible in supplying medication to hospital wards and ambulatory patients. This department is headed by professionally competent, legally qualified pharmacist who directly supervises and ensures the correct dispensing, compounding and distribution of medication to in and out-patients. [2] Retail pharmacy is a pharmacy in which drugs are sold to the patients, as opposed to a hospital pharmacy. It is also known as a community pharmacy. The concept of retail pharmacy is as a retailing activity. [3] Hospital pharmacy is usually more clinical. There are seven pharmacy service found in hospital pharmacy Malaysia. Pharmacist will rotate within the pharmacy service which…show more content…
The hospital pharmacy team includes pharmacist, technician (mostly work on wards), dispensers, support worker (a person who ensure the wards are supplied with routinely used medicine) and administrative stuff. Hospital department usually employ more than 100 members of staff, which make them a sociable places to work. [5] There will be many people who are at the similar or same age if the pharmacist start their career there. [5] Besides, when faced a problem, there is usually someone more experienced who can advise accordingly. The team in retail pharmacy is much smaller compare to the hospital pharmacy. Retail pharmacist usually work with around one or two people (either healthcare counter assistants or dispensers). [5] Larger store will have more workforce but they are usually non-pharmacy stuff. The job will be more isolating as it is not common to work with another pharmacist in retail pharmacy. Since, there are no senior or someone who is more experienced on hand to run things by, retail pharmacy are faster to develop their problem solving abilities. Working in hospital pharmacy is interesting if a pharmacist enjoy doing different things, learning new things and constantly solving

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