Essay On Hospital Service

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India is the major player in the world in healthcare industry. Low costs combined with excellent facilities have stimulated the development of health care service. Hospitals serve the masses by launching mass wakefulness programmes to prevent sickness, which will cover way for a healthy life of the people. The marketing principles for Medical care services focus on distributing the services to users in a decent way. 1. The WHO ( World Health Organization ) defines “Quality of healthcare consists of the proper performance ( according to standards ) of interventions that are known to be safe, that are affordable to the society in question, and that have the ability to produce an impact on mortality, morbidity, disability and malnutrition.”…show more content…
Muslim Amin, etal, (2013) " were conducted the research towards the Hospital service quality and its effects on patient satisfaction and behavioural intention" and he found that the five dimensions of admission, medical service, overall service, discharge and social responsibility these are the most important significant relationship for improving the hospital service quality. And it indicate that the establishment of higher levels of hospital service quality will lead customers to have a high level of satisfaction and behavioral intention. 8. (Robinson, 1999)stated Quality means to provide proper services for appropriate people of suitable time with efficient practical and humanistic procedures according to average strength of society. so the health providers should not delay the time to treat the patient its one of the important factor to satisfied their peoples. 9. Dr SK .Jawahar conducted the study towards on out patient satisfaction at a super specialty hospital in India, had reported that, as much as 50% of the patients were satisfied with regard to the cleanliness of the rest of the patients were not satisfied due to bad amenities. Provided by healthcare and he insist to maintain the cleanness atmosphere in the hospital for helpful of receiving more patients and made fulfilled
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