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A modern hospital is a multidisciplinary, complex system which is a part of physical environment. Thousands of items are used for delivery of medical care in the hospitals. All these items leave some unusable leftovers as hospital waste. Hospitals generate both, liquid and solid waste and inadequate disposal of hospital waste is a well known risk for public health and the environment. The hospital is an essential unit of medical and social organization, which not only makes available curative health care facilities to the population but also provide home environment services in outpatient to the family, moreover hospital is also a hub for the education and training of health workforce and for bio-social research (WHO, 1957). Hospital waste is of a particular nature of waste which is usually generated in small amounts but it carries a significant risk of infectious diseases and injury. It necessitates appropriate handling and treatment prior to its final disposal. Inadequate and poor handling…show more content…
to the hospitals, nursing home establishment and also the environment. Healthcare Waste Management means the managing of waste generated by the hospitals using such processes which can check and prevent the spread of infections. Inadequate awareness regarding HWM in developing countries is resulting in dumping of hospital waste with general municipal waste. Such lapses in HWM are most important factors leading to ineffective management of hospital waste in most of the poor and developing countries. In Pakistan, a large part of hospital waste is also dumped with municipal waste. In our country, about 250,000 tons of medical waste is generated annually from public and private sector health care facilities. Inadequate hospital waste management and disposal leads to contamination of the air, land and water resources with a bad impact on the surroundings and

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