Essay On Hospitality In The Odyssey

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Odysseus is shown great hospitality on the various stops he makes during his journey. He is often indiscriminately invited into strangers' homes. How has the role of hospitality changed for the modern world? Do you believe today's society values hospitality as much as Homer's did? Explain your thoughts in a descriptive essay using examples from the story and from your own personal experiences. Back in Homer's time people could go to someone's house and stay with them whenever they needed a place to stay. Today society you can go to hotels, home shelters, and for food you can go to a restaurant to get some food. I believe today's society don't value hospitality has much as Homer's did, because everyone can either call a family member for help…show more content…
When you got there and the people all the sudden capture one of your family members and kills them. Today they wouldn’t be able to just kidnap you and kill you for no reason. Back then people could kill you or kidnap you for no reason and keep you captive for as long as they want, it could be days, months, or even years. Today society you would get put in jail for killing someone or kidnapping anyone. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is captured by Calypso and is help captive for eight years and Calypso gives Odysseus everything that he wants like food, shelter, and protection. After eight years of being held captive on the island Calypso finally lets Odysseus leave the island and go home and clam his palace as his. When Odysseus leaves the island Poseidon destroys his raft and he ends up on the island of Pylos. Today’s society also isn’t as safe to let a stranger in for the night cause they could steal all your belongs and leave, and technology don’t keep your privacy safe online and could bring robbers to your house pretending that they need a place to stay. If a stranger comes up to your house you don’t have to let them stay at your house, like in Homer’s time they had to provide a place to stay, food, and protection for the
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