Hospitality Industry Essay

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Overview Hospitality means kindness to everyone, and make an environment of home away from home. It is the pure relation between the guest and host. The field work include the management of hotels, restaurants & other tourist attractions comprising of the hospitality industry facets of hospitality management includes – TOURISM MANAGEMENT, HOTEL MANAGEMENT, EVENT MANAGEMENT, RESORT MANAGEMENT, etc.. Introduction Evolved to be the fastest growing sector, today. It is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Provide a huge network of business also increases employability. Characteristics Business is open for 365 days & 24 hours a day, highly depends on shifts. Produces non- tangible & perishable products. Hotel classification HOTEL BASED ON SERVICE BASED ON THEME BUDGET LUXURY SUITE BOUTIQUE HERITAGE ECOTEL BASED ON TARGET MARKET COMMERCIAL RESORT CONVENTION Operational department • Housekeeping • Front office • F & B service • Food Production • Maintenance • Health/Sports • Recreational • Safety/Security Importance of the Industry Deals with intense customer satisfaction. Improves country image in terms of hospitality. Adds up in GDP. Career walk-way Until 1950, the staffs were not qualified especially for this industry. The…show more content…
The main target of the hotel industry is attract international tourism which will host a variety of different properties. Hotel industry has a backbone of government and it is the government support helps to sustain in a competitive world. The government charges great amount of the tax on the luxury and star category of the hotels. Political changes have a direct impact because of the government, especially on the hotel industry. The state government has to take huge decision which will support the growth of the industry. Take an example of Taj and Oberoi hotel terror attack, it has substantially dropped the tourism
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