Summary: The Four Dimensions Of Customer Relationship Management

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The below stated model of customer relation management describes the core relation between four prominent dimensions of CRM and hotel management. These four dimensions are customer orientation, CRM organization, Knowledge management, and technology based CRM which can have a positive as well as negative impact on financial perspective, customer perspective, internal process perspective, and learning and growth perspective of a hotel based on their marketing planning capabilities and marketing implementation capabilities. Resource based view makes the hotel management able to get competitive edge by implementing the significant tangible as well as intangible resources and this model in entirely based on resource based view.
With the fine combination of CRM dimensions and resource based view it becomes easy for hotels to improve their ultimate performance and competing within the stiff global competitive environment. According to Sainaghi (2010) hotel performance is measured through a scorecard, which defines satisfactory performance measurement system. Some Researchers have found four determining factors, which helps decide if the hotel performance is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Those important
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In case of Shangri-La hotel it has noted that room division gains 68% of total hotel revenues as there are five different departments including front office, reservation, housekeeping, uniformed services and telephone are linked together by rooms division. Customer satisfaction is the top most priority of room division manger or director, the professionals make sure that customers are fully satisfied since the time they enter in the hotel till the time they check

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