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Hotel Rwanda is a historical film based on the Rwandan genocide, which stars Don Cheadle as hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina. The film documents Rusesabagina's acts to save the lives of his family and more than a thousand other refugees by providing them with shelter. The film explores the tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi peoples, that lead to a civil war in Rwanda, where corruption and bribes between politicians are routine. The political situation in the country worsens following when the Tutsi’s shot down the plane that was carry the President. Paul whom is a Hutu is marry to a Tutsi and as a result has to protect his family from the brutal Hutu militia.
The movie is emotionally draining, there are many ups and downs, the film manipulated
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official describing the decision to not intervene in Rwanda. The U.S. official is quoted as saying that, “it was a foregone conclusion that military intervention was not on the table for discussion; it was automatically concluded that the United States would not take part in stopping the Rwandan genocide.” Which showed that, all deaths are not the same.
The emotionally effect that the genocide caused on the people of Rwanda was massive. During a 100-day period, the people were tortured and terrorized as they saw those they love die and feared the loss of their own life. According to Tom Andrew, it is estimated that nearly 100,000 children were orphaned, abducted or abandoned. And even today, twenty-six percent of the Rwandan population still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder today (United to end genocide).
A scene that was emotionally touching was, when Paul’s neighbor witnesses his parents being killed. And throughout the film, I noticed and felt the anxiety of each cast member. For example, Paul had left his family alone to get some drinks for the soldier, when he returned, they had all ran underneath the bed to hide. Believing that the rebel group had come into the hotel to slaughter them. This exemplify how the characters dealt with death
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