Essay On Household Waste

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Ariella Lazarus The effect of household waste on the growth of plants There are thousands of people living in squatter camps that cannot afford to buy compost to aid the growth of their vegetable crops. Therefore, I have decided to research whether household waste such as vegetable peels, newspapers and tea bags can increase the rate of growth and the promotion of enrichment of the plant. I have chosen to experiment with spinach as it is highly nutritional and one of the staple diets of communities living in these underprivileged areas. Literature Review Household waste is defined as solid left-overs consisting of used goods found in any home. It involves products such as tins, bottles, newspapers and food residues. Many believe that these resources have an effect on the growth of plants as they contain great quantities of nitrogen,…show more content…
She concludes her study by stating that tea bags can benefit the soil all year-round as it improves drainage and aeration. From the results of her experiments it is shown to use paper tea bags instead of polyester bags. From all the above investigations it is shown that using household wastes aids in plants growth and has a definite role to play in the promotion of the organism. Hypothesis Household waste has an effect on plant growth. Aim To determine whether household wastes have an effect on the growth on plants and which household wastes, found in squatter camps, is the most efficient variable. Method A. Phase 1- Collecting variables: 1) Buying 20 seeds of spinach. 2) Buy 4 seedling trays. 3) Gathering 10 used tea bags. 4) Gathering 2 sheets of old newspaper. 5) Gathering 500 g vegetable peels. B. Phase 2- Establishing the garden: 1) Label the 4 seedling trays (a, b, c, d) 2) Place 1 cup of garden soil in 5 inserts of the each of the 4 seedling trays. 3) Plant the seed in each
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