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INTRODUCTION TO HOUSING Around the world, house prices are rising at an alarming rate while wages stagnate resulting in a global housing crisis. Recent reports say that most countries worldwide are currently experiencing shortage of affordable housing. Rents are constantly on the rise. Today an average income earner spends about a third of his income on shelter. Housing is a necessity for life; a basic need required for survival and so should be seen as a priority in all countries. When the demand for a product exceeds the supply and availability of a good, this is called excess demand. Excess demand is very peculiar to the free market system as no one is willing to pay for goods that can be used and consumed by almost everyone. FREE MARKET SYSTEM…show more content…
The lack of affordable housing could affect Singapore’s attractiveness to potential investors and skilled immigrants. If the majority of a country’s population have no home to go to, the country automatically becomes less attractive to prospective investors with the potential of adding to the GDP of the country. Also, shortage of housing has led to the reduced standard of living. This happens because as a result of the shortage of affordable housing, citizens in Singapore spend a large percent of their income on shelter, leaving them with only a small percent to purchase other necessities such as good food, clothing, etc. Furthermore, some health issues in Singapore has been related to the shortage of housing. Shortage of housing and lack of adequate housing leads to cold-related sickness such as catarrh and it also increases the dangers of cardiovascular, rheumatoid, respiratory infections and also declining mental well-being. (Anon,2014). All these will result in damaging effects to the human health which will, in turn, affect the manpower of a country. THE CONCEPT OF DEMAND AND SUPPLY IN RELATION TO ALLOCATION OF

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