How Culture Affect Us Essay

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How does Culture Affect us? On Guam, culture is something that is highly regarded by us islanders. In a way, it helps us shape into the type of people we become. We learn rules and regulations that are expected to be followed and we learn what’s considered sociably acceptable. It teaches us more about ourselves and our roots as traditions are passed down from generation to generation. Culture is most especially important because it is a factor that affects the way we are built up. From the time we are kids, we’re automatically taught the rules from our culture. For example, in Filipino culture, if you have an older brother or sister, you usually call your older sister ate and your older brother kuya. These are both said to show respect to them. Not only that, but we’re taught to amen elders, much like the Chamorro people. Chamorros and Filipinos are quite similar as they amen by bringing a hand to their nose (for Chamorros) or a hand to their forehead (for Filipinos). Culture can also possibly determine religion. It is a known fact that majority of us islanders,…show more content…
These are all factors that shape the type of person we become; the factors that aid the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society and understanding what isn’t. We learn through our elders what our past was like, and each generation alters the set rules applied. For example, years ago, it was an unspoken rule to always acknowledge the people around you and it was considered rude not to. These days, we’re so involved without technology, like our cell phones, we barely even look up from the screen. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon and is not considered a norm. It’s scary to think that in just a couple years, the norms may change again, but it's also interesting to see how society adapts to what is

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