Essay On How Did The Federal Policy Affect The Housing Of African Americans

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Instructions: Please retain questions and numbering. Each question is worth 2.5 points. Incorrect, incomplete and/or unclear answers will lose points.
1. What was the reasoning of the Federal Housing Administration for not permitting African Americans in the newly developed suburbs?
Selling to nonwhites would undermine the property value in new suburbs. So Development owners did not want to sell to nonwhites.

2. In reference to the government’s appraisal system, what does the term “ redlined” mean?
In the 1930s, the government started a property appraisal system in cities, according to condition of the property and race, for financial risk. The parts of the city farthest away from minority neighborhoods were marked with green. The minority neighborhoods were marked with red, or redlined. Green neighborhoods got mortgages and
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What did the federal policy known as Urban Renewal attempt to do?
Urban Renewal was supposed to make cities more livable. But in truth, 90% of all housing destroyed was not replaced.

5. How did this policy impact the housing of Blacks and Latinos?
Due to Urban Renewal people lost their homes. Two-thirds of all people displaced due to Urban Renewal were black or latino.

6. How did the Fair Housing Act of 1968 impact the traditionally white neighborhoods that nonwhites moved into?
Blacks moved into white neighborhoods, thinking the value of their new home would stay the same or increase, as it had previously for whites in the neighborhood. Instead, their neighborhood value declined because they had moved into it.

7. What was the practice of “blockbusting”?
Realestate agents prayed on racial fears of to get white homeowners to sell at less than market value, and sell quickly. Homes were then sold to nonwhites at inflated prices. Predominately white neighborhoods became nonwhite neighborhoods fairly quickly due to blockbusting.

8. How did the property appraisal system started by the federal government influence “white
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