How Did World War 1 Changed The Lives Of Women

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July 28, 1914 is the day World War one started. It is also the day the changed the lives of many women all around the world. Leading up to World War One women did all the work around the house while men worked in factories and other jobs that women were excluded from doing. Women had to provide care to their children, cook, and wear uncomfortable clothing. All of these roles changed after World War One and during the 1920’s because all of the men had left to go fight. Women started working outside of the house and their clothing became less modest. All of these changes also enabled their lifestyles to change. During World War one women had to take on the jobs that men left behind when they went to fight. Women had to work in factories and even make equipment for the war. After the war “there was a worry that employers would continue to employ women in these jobs even when the men returned from the war. This did not happen; either the women were sacked to make way for the returning soldiers or women remained working alongside men but at lower wage rates” (“Striking Women”). Some women refused to accept these lower wages and went on strike. As a result of these strikes the War Cabinet established a committee. This committee said that if…show more content…
Women had to take on the men’s jobs because they left to go fight in the war. Women’s fashion choices had to change to accommodate their needs because of their new jobs. Their lifestyles changed as a result of the war. Women realized that the deserved more than what they were getting. They were doing the same jobs and they wanted equal pay and equal rights. However, some women had a different point of view. For some women when their husbands went off to work the felt like they needed to marry someone with a lot of money just like Daisy in The Great Gatsby. World War one had a huge effect on women and around the world. It changed their lives
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