Essay On How Does The Supreme Court Control Its Docket

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How does the Supreme Court control its docket? Using information from both the textbook and class lecture, discuss the main steps/hurdles/factors in play regarding whether the Supreme Court will actually hear and consider a case. Explain and discuss the significance of each factor.
The way in which the Supreme Court controls its docket allows for the court to avoid pointless work. The Court controls their docket via “screening mechanisms.” (Notes) The things they look for are whether or not it is a legitimate case, the cases must be fairly new, both parties must have standing, Appeals must all have their paperwork and fees done on time, and the writ of certiorari. In terms of the legitimacy of the case, and whether or not it is adverse, this is just a simple way to filter out cases that either aren 't going to lead anywhere or are meaningless. The cases must be fairly new, this can become a problem for older cases that have
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The idea of separation of powers is to have the government powers divided between numerous branches in order for abuse of power to be both less damaging, and less frequent. Checks and balances are a way to even further prevent abuse in our Government system. In this system of checks and balances each branch, those being the legislative, judicial, and executive branch, they each check and balance one another 's powers. Our government is designed this way so that one branch does not have too much power in their hands. Allowing for a balanced and stable government. While it is currently still a function system in our government, there is a major flaw that causes problems depending on what parties are in control. During Obama 's second term this has been a problem because even if he vetoed a particular bill, the legislative branch was able to override that veto. Or the Government shutdown occurring in 2013, because the legislative branch refused to move ahead with funding. Leaving a period of time where the government was essentially in a
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