Essay On How Immigrants Affect The Economy

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Immigrants seek to come to America for economic opportunities for their home country; in contrast, Americans plan to live in America for increased minimum wages and equal pay for all families from upper to lower classes. However, most Americans do not agree that immigrants create a positive outlook for the modern day society. Millions of people migrating from foreign countries, especially Mexico, have put America on edge. While Obama’s plan grants undocumented immigrants time to receive their citizenship in order to stay in America, Donald Trump wants to send all undocumented immigrants back to their countries. Other issues rise about the terrorism and racism in America, but one major issue in America is the economy, according to the Gallup…show more content…
Americans still think it is unfair that immigrants get financial benefits when US-born Americans worked hard for generations to earn their pay. As a result, millions of Americans cannot pay the bills, which leads the American economy to suffer more debt. However, America have humanitarian duties to invite immigrants who seek opportunities while protecting its own economy from thieves outside the United States. To state that immigrants do not create positive contribution to the economy is creating a single-centered story about immigrants. Legal immigrants have a desire to create the America dream come alive. Though hardships and competition come when they accept their citizenship in America, this leads to a brighter future once they work. As a result, they can create their own businesses in America, families of generation to help America in the future, and support their citizens when their friends need help. As America allows citizenship for immigrants who want to create the dream, the immigrants give back to the economy, making our economy flourish for America. Overall, legal immigrants has helped the economy reach new heights that no America has ever seen in
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