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Foundation Year 3 Analysis, Research and Communication Date: 28 July 2014 Topic: Essay Plan Source: Adapted from Blake, Mervin. The Essential GP Companion 1. Singapore: SNP Panpac, 2002. Print. Question: 3. To what extent does the media shape who we are? Essay Plan Introduction Key term definitions Media: new and traditional media; many forms like social media Shape: the influence on us / what makes us who we are physically and mentally / what determines us / what affects us / how the media impact on our identity. To what extent: the degree of impact or influence that media has caused to our lives Who we are: what we hold as our values, our beliefs, our personality and more to be our identity…show more content…
Arguments to support your stand • Media shapes how we think about the real world by making us believe what is portrayed through media although not all information depicted through the media is not trustable • Media shapes the consumer’s choice of purchasing a product or good • Media shapes our identity by changing how we think and act as stereotypes are created through media. • However, factors like the presence of censorship would help reduce the impact of media on us Argument 1 Claim “Shapes our conception of reality” • Media shapes our thinking/views on the idea of the real world. Explanation/ Reason/

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