Essay On How Rodney King Changed America

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I don't see how you can grow as a world without being able to get along with people. So many people is hating out there and it's not making a difference,” said Rodney King. On March 3, 1991 Rodney King got caught in what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop. Rodney got scared and fled the police and started driving 110 mph down the freeway and 80 mph on the regular roads. This became a high speed chase. Mr. King was drinking and driving through LA county. Mr. King admitted that he was driving 110 mph but didn't say anything about drinking and driving. Mr. King was hoping that someone might see and witness what went on so he would have a witness at his trial. Mr. King pulled over and followed police orders. When police had him on the ground, an LAPD officer wacked him in the temple with the baton and kicked him and tasered him. This left Mr. King with…show more content…
King. America learned at this time that there is a problem with excessive force being used in American policing (“5 Ways the Rodney King Beating and LA Riots Changed America”). After America saw the police drag Rodney out of his vehicle, put him on the ground face first, and beat on him excessively, many Americans felt that the police were using their power in wrong ways. Because of this, changes in the way police are hired and a focus on police relationships with the communities they serve happened. It also brought on many discussions of how juries are made up and where trials take place. ‘If you're a leader, you should never forget that everyone needs encouragement. Who ever receives it young or old, successful or less-than- successful unknown or famous- is changed by racism’ said John Maxwell. The beating caused riots and people felt more threatened all of a sudden, this all had a big impact on the way people think and how conscious they are and affected by their attitudes.
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