How Sleep Deprivation Affects College Students

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How does sleep deprivation affect college students? 85% of the adult population struggle to get a good night sleep. However, college kids are in the most danger. They stay up all night studying for class, having nightmares or because they just can’t sleep. Every student should get 8-10 hours of sleep because it improves the body, the mind, and overall well-being. Going to sleep early helps brain function and focus. It’s hard to retain information when you have barely slept, it is also equally as important as sleeping well the night after so you can make sure you retain the information. Studying is also very difficult when you can barely keep your eyes open. Students skip on sleep to study all the time, sadly they do not know that it is not only affecting their mental health but also their physical health. There are also certain kinds of medicine that can keep you awake. Certain medicines for ADD, High…show more content…
Without the recommended full 8-10 hours of sleep, you can have lots of short and long term health problems. Including increased stress, disturbed mood, the ability to not concentrate, high risk for diabetes and breast cancer, high blood pressure, decreased immune function, major depression and obesity. These are just a few of the major health risks that come with skipping out on sleep. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can hurt your immune system health. This is because while you sleep, the immune system releases proteins called Cytokines. Some Cytokines even promote sleep and this increases when you have a cold, virus or an infection. Some of the most brilliant minds in the world knew how important their sleep was. Einstein got over 10 hours of sleep a night and still took a nap every day, while Tesla struggled to get to sleep. Tesla knew how important sleep was to combat this he would take lots of naps in a day. Not getting enough sleep can also hurt your overall

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