Essay On How Social Media Has Changed Sports

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Dylan Esposito Mrs. Mancini English Language Arts 09 May 2016 How Social Media has changed sports How has social media changed sports? Social media has affected sports in many different ways, from having the ability to check score updates to being able to interact with the players.Social media has also affected the marketing in sports. Sports related companies will put up ads on social media so that during games people on social media will see these product ads.Social media has also affected how players and fans interact. It is now very easy, just go on to any of your social medias and message your favorite player. It also allows fans to explore and find out new information on their favorite players, teams, ect. They can also find out about upcoming sports events and game dates. The world of sports is constantly changing so there is always something new to learn and explore. A lot more people…show more content…
We no longer have to scramble looking up the score of the game or having to frantically ask someone who did watch the game. Now we can get alerts of the game right from social media. Another thing that is good about this is that we can get updates when we are not able to watch the game, so you can still cheer on your team, even where you are away from the Tv. Another way social media has changed sports is that it allows fans of a commonly liked team to interact. Whenever you are watching a game and a big play happens, you can go on social media and interact with other fans and even make friends. Even at a live sporting event, fans go onto scoial media to praise their team for the amazing play that just went down. Social media has opened up a lot more opportunities for athletes. They are able to receive a lot more endorsement via Social Media. They are able to show off their stats to possible colleges or teams looking to recruit players. They can also interact with those colleges or teams via Social

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