How Has Technology Changed Education Essay

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According to the article 'How Has Technology Changed Education", "Technology has impacted children" ( University of Purdue par. 1). For example students use their computers to go onto Khan Academy, which is a website that allows students to get self directed help. During school is when children had the privilege that kids used to not have in the past to get online to look something up or research something. (University of Purdue par. 2). Children used to have to read books or other information because they didn't have technology at the end of their finger tips like kids do now (University of Purdue par. 2). Children today are abusing their power of having technology by playing games and being on other websites (Smithee par. 5). Technology has made a big impact by expanding access to…show more content…
12)." When technology is used the right way it is said that just one year with a gifted teacher in middle school a female student is far less likely to end up pregnant instead the student will go to college and make a pretty good salary and live in a decent neighborhood and save up for their retirement. Researchers still have no proof that the new skills that students learn can be used to help them in the future (Pinker par. 13).
There are four major conflicts with having technology in education. The first being cost because the schools have to equip the classrooms with computers or provide all of the students in the school with a laptop and laptops are expensive( Smithee par. 2). Also because the school buys laptops and they have to provide networks and make sure there updated to the right software and the latest hardware. Even though there is still the option of bring your own device some students who come from low income families can't afford to buy them (Smithee par.
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