Essay On How To Achieve Success

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How to Achieve Success The term of success appears frequently in public notice and it spurs extensive interests in public. Everybody wants to achieve success, but the fact is that not everyone can make it even though he or she has tried his or her best. Then it comes to a question - how to make it? Does it depend on opportunity or any other features? Different people have different opinions. Some people argue that opportunity is the most important factor to achieve success. Once somebody has an opportunity, then he or she will easily achieve success.Some other people believe that to achieve success depends on people themselves. In their opinion, achieving success is a personal thing, so it's okay to work very hard without considering other features. I don't agree with either of these two opinions, however, I believe that to achieve success needs a full preparation including a final goal, confidence, features such as perseverance and hard-working, instead of focusing on opportunity only or people themselves. I strongly believe that these well-preparation pave the way to achieve success, and those people who with good features will achieve success sooner or later. Only if you are well-prepared, can you catch the opportunity to make it successfully. First of all, if you want to come out…show more content…
As we all know, the way to success is full of obstacles and difficulties, and you need to try your best to handle these problems and persist achieving final goals. There are many examples such as Thomas Edison, one of the greatest scientists in the world, spent several decades inventing the battery. Though he failed so many times, he never gave up but persisted testing for thousands of times, and finally he succeeded in inventing the battery. However, if he gave up when he faced problems, we cannot enjoy the benefits of the battery as so early. What makes him a giant in the invention field is that his
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