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How to Apply Mascara | How to Apply MakeupI will tell you the best tricks on how to apply mascara so that your eyes can look great and so that you can dazzle everyone with you beautiful look! The first thing you need to do if you wan to apply mascara with precision is to get a hand mirror so that you can look at what you are doing closely. If you do it like this you can see your eyelashes very well and making the application of the mascara more precise and on the entire lash. If you do it this way you get the longest and thickest lashes.You should look down into the mirror so you can see your whole eyelashes, if you look straight into the hand mirror then you don’t see the complete lashes. So remember, look down into the hand mirror for the best visibility.Different Mascara TypesThere are different types of mascara for the…show more content…
There are also different mascara products like lengthening mascaras and volume mascaras. The lengthening mascaras give you an effect of longer lashes and the volume mascaras give you more volume.If you have short lashes you should get a fine brush and if you have normal length lashes you can get a bigger or fuller brush. You should try different mascara brushes until you find what fits you best. The technique of how to apply mascara is the same for the different types of mascara.Apply Colored Mascara?There are many people talking about mascaras in different colors but I will give you a pro tip: always use black mascara. The objective of using mascara is so that your eyes look better and stand out. If you use any other color than black you will have a weaker effect.You can always try out mascaras with other colors but you have to choose a color base on the eye and hair colors. The brown mascara can be used by blonds that want to try for a more natural look. If you want a more dramatic effect and you have blond hair you should use black

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