How To Be A Responsible Dog Essay

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How to Become a Responsible Dog Owner Being a responsible dog owner means something much more than just owning a dog. It includes a lot of duties, patience and commitments. Keeping and loving a dog as a pet does not make someone a responsible owner. Those faithful creatures do not need only love, they need you to keep them happy, healthy and meet their basic needs. There are some more rules and regulations on becoming a good dog owner. Below we are going to discuss them briefly.
1. Ensuring shelter and clean safe environment: You have to ensure a good neat and clean space for your dog. Also you should keep him in a healthy atmosphere. Buy a dog bed or a blanket or a crate for the dog’s sleeping space. If you decide to keep the dog in a crate then make sure it is spacious enough for the dog to move properly inside it. Also you need to buy best dog beds for chewers otherwise you know
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Provide healthy food: Dogs need to eat meals three to four times a day. You should buy good quality dog foods from stores. Do not feed them human food. Maintain a certain time routine for feeding him. Thus you can also keep a track on its time for eliminating.
• Make sure they have access to clean water. You can keep a water dish for him in a certain place.
• You can talk to your veterinarian or your breeder if you don’t know what kind of food will be best for your dog.

3. Train your dog: When you own a dog, it takes time for the dog to adapt to a new life in a new household. At this point, you have to be there always for your dog. Train it maintaining the consistency. Teach him everything with patience. It is your duty to train the dog to be a well- behaved and socialized pet. Make it familiar with your words that you use to give it any command.
• You can also communicate with professional dog trainers for help.
• If you have other pets in your house, keep your new dog separated for first few days. Slowly teach him to socialize with other pets of the

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