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5 Steps to Help Break Bad Habits and Form Empowering Ones for 2014 Why are habits so hard to break? If habits were not that hard to break, you couldn't hold onto the good ones either. Can you imagine being really good at something like building or playing an instrument? Suddenly, you cannot figure out what seemed natural only moments ago? Habits are simply our ability to learn and become emotionally bonded to a way of thinking and doing something, so it becomes second nature without effort. The subconscious brain takes over all repetitive tasks. This is how easily the brain can be tricked into assuming, so habits are empowering when they are far from it. This is why we end up with good and bad habits; repetition! So how does one break a bad habit? By following the same rules that formed it in the first place. The following rules can guide you into undoing disempowering habits and replacing…show more content…
Build compelling reasons why that habit needs to stop. This is the time to do away with the denial of how this is affecting the quality of your life. Start with noting in detail all the actions, emotions and thoughts that typically cycle around this habit. Gather enough insight here so you can ask yourself, "What must I believe for me to think, feel and act this way?" If you do this correctly, you should be able to list several beliefs that are the reasons why you would think, feel and act that way. The absurdity of these beliefs will serve as shock therapy to help jolt you out of outdated bad habits. List every consequence and missed opportunity you can connect to the bad habit. If you don't build an emotionally compelling purpose that justifies why that habit has to go, it will stay put! For example, if the habit is smoking, list the all the negative health, social and confidence ramifications it has on your life. Magnify the consequences by imagining as if the habit continued for 5, 10 and even 20+ years to truly grasp how bad its most likely going to get for

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