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My mother told me that if I want to start something new, I should always remember that “it all starts in the mind.” You should first set your mind that you will start doing something better and beneficial from then on. Convince yourself that you can if you think you can. However, in most circumstances, although we are already packed up with our highest levels of motivations, at the middle of the battle, we tend to give up and lose track because we do not know when to start and how to do it. Worse, the distractions keep on coming to stop us and we ended up reverting to our previous unhealthy practices! I would never want that.
Hence, I would like to share these 5 valuable tips on how to eat healthy.
Motivated individuals who strongly think that they can be healthy despite their shortcomings always have their goals in life. What do we want? To live a healthier life. Make sure that your
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Choose Healthy Not Costly
Ask yourself. Do I have enough money to buy all of these nutritious foods? Eating healthy does not mean you have to purchase expensive products in order to become healthy. I just wish that everyone will possess a wallet that never runs out of dollars. Unfortunately, it is completely imaginary and impossible to have one. Let us be realistic. The economy has been struggling nowadays (As a mother, you should be aware of this socioeconomic issues). Do not hurt your pockets with these expensive foods when in fact there are other alternatives that are considered as practical and affordable.
Though there is nothing wrong in buying expensive ingredients as long as you have the money to sustain it, I recommend that we buy those healthy foods that we can guarantee as sustainable by our moneys. Healthy eating is not just an overnight or a week-long session to do so. It is lifetime lifestyle that we should commit ourselves to. As a mother, considering the prices and the right types of foods is highly practical and sustainable.
4. Feed Your Healthy

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