Essay On How To Get First Class

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Why should you care about getting first class? The highest paying graduate employers only accept job application from candidates with at least second class upper degree (2:1). Having a great result opens a lot of doors for you as a graduate. From day one you have to work towards that grade, every course you take lays the foundation for your GPA.

In most colleges, only the last year grades counts towards your final GPA but don’t be fooled by this system, you need to develop top class habit from day 1 and prepare yourself for the final year. Getting a first class can make the difference between getting your dream job or a shabby job at a shabby company where you will be doing shabby work.

Don’t bunk classes

Missing classes is the shortest route to failure in college, if you miss a class because you are sick or have something very important to attend to, make sure you notify your lecturer beforehand. Some colleges also award marks for
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When you study hard the exam becomes easy but when you study easy the exam will be hard.

Read the syllabus and course outlines

The syllabus and course outlines hold important clues that can help you nail your assessments, make sure you read them for every single course you take, don’t assume that you know everything and jump right in the canal without a life jacket. The syllabus also details expected outcomes of the course and it helps you to keep track of your progress in class.

What’s the first class worth to you? Do you want to prove yourself to the world, do you want to broaden your career horizon or you have someone special in your life that will be very proud of you if you got a first class? Then do it for them, do it because you want to be the best you can and with the help of God you will get the grade you
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