How To Keep Coffee Hot Essay

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7 Ways to Keep Your Coffee Hot

You pick up your cup of joe, and go about your morning routine for a few minutes. You take your first sip of the day, and to your utter horror - your steaming hot cup of coffee has gone cold. I dread these moments too.

Now if only you knew the best ways to keep your coffee hot, this would not be such a huge challenge. Here are seven helpful suggestions on how you can avoid this dilemma on a daily basis.

1.Use a hot plate.

Hot plates are common tabletop kitchen appliances that are mostly powered by electricity, and are often used for cooking.

Because they offer direct heat and can produce high temperatures, you’re always sure that they can bring your coffee back to its steamy hot warmth in no time at all.

Don’t leave it on for too long though,
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It can be that fancy espresso shot glass from Italy, or that large mug that reminds you of fun travels.

Either way, if what you want is to keep your coffee hot for more than a half hour, and if brewing a fresh batch is simply out of the question when your cuppa goes cold, then simply put a lid on your favorite serveware.

This simple solution keeps not only the heat intact, but also the aroma and flavors of your brew.


Coffee brewing fanatics know the value of preheating a carafe to aid the extraction process, to ensure that the carafe stays at 195 to 205 degrees and effectively bring out the flavors out of your coffee beans.

Those who let their coffee go cold should also know that preheating the cup or mug preps it to maintain the ideal temperature of the brew for a longer time.

To do this for your mug, simply fill it with boiling water. Let the hot water sit for about a minute and let the temperature circulate, when the liquid cools down, you can throw it away. The best thing about this method - it does not affect the taste of your brew at all.

7.Invest in a truly effective thermal

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