Essay On How To Kill Animals

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When I would kill or not kill animals Nowadays we could see various animals that live in the world. There are wild animal, domestic animal, mammal, cold-blooded animal, warm-blooded animal, reptile, amphibian, and other animals around the world. By nature of animal, it has life cycle same people. Such as born, old, pained, die. Depending on the end of animal life, for example horse is vehicle for journey that people do not bring to eat, it is good. The elephants are for a long time respectable animals of Thailand and it is vehicle for journey in ancient times. However Thai people love, conserve, and do not want to eat it. Moreover there are still other animals that do not used for food such as Eagle, Rhinoceros sondaicus, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis, Bos sauveli, Bubalus bubalis, Ruecrvus eldi.…show more content…
There are many kind of animals that making danger with human .For example Tiger, Snake, Scorpion,Centipede,Puffer fish,Poison dart frog,Inland taipan,The brazillan wandering spider. However these animals are poisonous animals, it can kill more people. Moreover, there is the research by scientist his name called Kyle Hill said that “There’s no way around it; the world is a dangerous place. Some organisms, to deal with the hostility of our planet, have developed defenses that are much more direct than claws or teeth. But before we can go any further, let’s distinguish between venom and poison. The terms poison and venom are often used interchangeably, but they actually have very different meanings. It is the delivery method that distinguishes one from the other Poison is absorbed or ingested; a poisonous animal can only deliver toxic chemicals if another animal touches or eats it. Venom, on the other hand, is always injected. Every venomous animal has a mechanism to inject toxins directly into another animal. Stab with tails. Slash with spines. Pierce with fangs. Spike with spurs. Shoot with harpoons. Chew with teeth.
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