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Casey: Hello K international school! I’m Casey. I’m sick of my homework, so I’m planning on living in space with my handmade rocket from tomorrow! I heard you guys are learning about space in school in science class currently, so please give me some advice!!!!
Shumpei (a student of KIST): Um… What??? Wait. Wait. Did you know it is soooooooooooo hard for humans to live in space??
C: Ahh…No…WHY????????
S: Because there are plenty of problems that you need to solve to live in space and it’s going to take forever to explain all of these problems to you, so I will explain one of the problems for humans to live in space.
C: Ok!! Thanks!!
S: So I will start with some basic information about human in space. In 1961, April 12th, a Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to orbit Earth. His flight lasted 108 minutes, and his altitude reached
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Also, exercising regularly in space helps the astronauts to recover their muscles and bone mass faster when they return to Earth.

C: Oh! I want to walk on the moon so I will exercise there!
C: How do I exercise in the environment with no gravity?? I can’t just run right?
S: Yeah, so first of all, Astronauts who stay in the International Space Station for more than 6 months are required to exercise for about two hours per day. Exercising of all astronaut’s are monitored so that it can be adjusted according to their situation or missions such as spacewalking and emergency landing.
C: Two hours…
S: Ya. And the three main exercises that astronauts do in space are, Cycle Ergometer, Treadmill, and Resistance Exercise Device, which is also known as ‘RED’.
C: How do you use

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