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The activities undertaken by the UN in order to maintain world peace can be classified into three categories. Firstly, it does peacekeeping. In conflict situation between two countries, UN sends armed forces under its control to separate the two sides which are conflicting. They would try to prevent the two countries from attacking each other while negotiation of peace is taken up.
Secondly, the UN can threaten economic sanctions or military action, so as to restrain a particular country from taking actions that may lead to war. The UNSC (United Nation’s Security Council) expresses its will by means of resolutions.

Thirdly, the UN undertakes activities to promote social and economic development, through its various agencies. These UN agencies strive to reduce poverty and other causes of conflict. The
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It was intended to allow the countries to solve outstanding problems without resorting to wars. However, due to lacunae in its structure, it failed in its mandate and it was ineffective in avoiding the World War II.
Owing to this, post World war II, the UN was set up to rectify the shortcomings of the Leagues of Nations and to achieve the goal of world peace.

In order to promote peace and to provide a platform for the various countries to solve problems without going for war, the League of Nations was created after the World War I. However, due to the many weaknesses of the League of Nations, it could not prevent the World War II from happening.
As compared to League of Nations, UN had been relatively more successful in allowing countries to meet and discuss various issues and work to find solutions without resorting to fighting.

The Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations itself clearly mandates to unite the strength of the peoples of the United Nations to maintain international peace and

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