Essay On How To Make My Dream Come True

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In the process of making my dream come true, I went through many works to find out what i need to do schooling wise to make my dream happen. In order to make my dream of welding come true, i need to improve my PSAT scores, and use the 7 habits. One step to my dream is investigating careers. The career that i was most interested in was welding. This career is in the pathway of engineering, manufacturing and industrial technology. This career includes manufacturing, welding, and being able to read blueprints. Welding industries schooling requirements vary by owner, for example some might only require a high school diploma and a welding certificate but others might require higher education.

We take the PSAT test because it measures our growth. The PSAT is also
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In the reading portion of the PSAT, I scored a 22 out of a possible 36. I am approaching the benchmark. In the writing portion of the PSAT, I scored a 18 out of a possible 36, and am still approaching the benchmark. In math section, i scored a 20 out of a possible 36. In math scaled, I scored a 400 out of a possible 720. I scored in the 32nd percentile which is below the benchmark. My strength is in reading but my weakness is writing. I scored in the 31st percentile.

The seven habits of highly effective teens is a book about ways to improve yourself, it is written by Sean Covey. We are reading this book to learn how to become a better person. This book has two sections, the public victory and the private victory. The private victory is yourself and the public victory is more of your relationship with others.

In private victory, the personal bank account is mostly about the fact that you can be your own worst enemy, and that all changes start with yourself. The chapter basically illustrates a bank account and it starting out empty which is how you feel about yourself and to feel better about yourself you have to make small deposits to build yourself
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