Essay On How To Prevent Drug Abuse

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All of the researchers know that "prevention is better than cure". Many teenagers fail in their life because they addicted by a drug. Department of health Malaysia very focuses on this cases. The teenager's above 18 years old participated itself in drug abuse, but they might have death penalty. Their brighter future will become dark. The relationship between parents and teenagers also will not closer than before. So that, we all responsible for preventing teenagers in drug abuse. What are the ways to prevent teenagers in drug abuse? First and foremost, parents must not involve itself in drug abuse if they involve their children might follow it because all activity that does by parents will follow by their children. Parents cannot just…show more content…
Collectively, we can have a long-term impact on ridding the world of illicit drug use and drug abuse. Creating a substance abuse prevention program will change the lives of residents in your community. Drugs and crimes related to drugs are in every community. It does not matter if it is a wealthy community or the poorest of the poor. This is why it is so important that every community creates a program for substance abuse prevention. Accordingly, a powerful program for substance abuse prevention incorporates drug education with community mobilization, youth development, and community action. Yes, the community must get involved. Furthermore, the law enforcement by the goverment should be able to locate where the drugs are being brought in, they should find out the roots its coming from and destroy it there only. They should keep a watch on the people who bring it in and who are the people who get the stuff to come in the cities. The law enforcement is expected to keep the places clean and out of drugs so the young generation will not come in contact with these different substances that are being sold in the market. There should be brutal punishments for the sellers when they are caught selling these drugs to the teens or
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