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Promote public transportation, not private vehicles. When you get on an Indian road it becomes all too apparent as to how deeply the economic disparities are entrenched in the Indian society. The ultra-rich travel in their monster-sized SUVs, the rich in their swanky sedans, the upper-middle class in their hatchbacks, and the lower-middle class people ride their low-end motor bikes. The poor either use the overcrowded public transport or ride their bicycles. And, the pedestrians, if any, are left with hardly any space on the roads. Car culture, which is the heart of western consumerism, is fast catching up in India. Indians, who have a propensity to blindly emulate the western culture, values and lifestyle, are going on a car owning spree.…show more content…
In many Indian cities it has been a trend that the people, who buy cars without having parking space, tend to park them on the footpaths in front of their houses putting the safety of the pedestrians at risk. As per the road accident statistics, more than half of the people who die on Indian roads are cyclists and the pedestrians. Lately, there have been increasing incidences of drunk and underage driving, which are claiming the lives of pedestrians including the children and the elderly. The pothole-ridden, narrow Indian roads, cluttered with numerous private vehicles, are becoming increasingly precarious for the travelers. In 2015, on an average 400 people died every day in road accidents. In other worlds, a whopping 1.46 lakh people per annum breathe their last on Indian roads making them into virtual death traps. In spite of the numerous disadvantages and unsuitability and non-sustainability of car culture in India, the elite are not ready to change their life style. They are not even ready to tolerate anyone questioning their right to use cars indiscriminately. The best example is when the Delhi government introduced odd-even plan to reduce vehicular emissions to bring down the pollution levels, all the elite turned ferocious and launched a concerted social media campaign to discredit the

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