Ways To Improve The Environment Essay

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Throughout history, people all over the world have shown great ingenuity and resilience in adapting to their environments. People are active creators and makers of their living circumstances and environments. They have contributed to many of the hazards in our environment, but have also made great efforts in repairing some of the damage they have caused and also in increasing and maintaining our safety in the event of a disaster. We have in place strategies and methods to protect us from environmental disasters. We are continuing to improve our ability to forecast and warn people of approaching hazards like earthquakes, tropical storms, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. We also have in place emergency response plans and institutions to deal with environmental hazards within our own country and also to help…show more content…
The Victorian Government has put in place strategies and policies for use in the future. The Victorian Coastal Strategy 2008 identified the need to: “Plan for sea-level rise of not less than 0.8 metres by 2100, and allow for the combined effects of tides, storm surges, coastal processes and local conditions such as topography and geology when assessing risks and impacts associated with climate change.” (Vic.Gov, 2012) The Victorian Government also has in place policies for current buildings and future buildings to ensure minimum damage in the event of an environmental hazard. The State Planning Policy Framework specifies: “In planning for possible sea level rise, an increase of 0.2 metres over current 1 in 100 year flood levels by 2040 may be used for new development in close proximity to existing development (urban infill)”. This policy applies to development proposals in existing settlements and urban zoned areas. (Vic.Gov,

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