Essay On How To Read Literature

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In the second day of school of a new year, a class of first graders returned to their room from their play time at the school’s park/playground. The teacher told the kids to take their seats, and noted that a kid seemed to be missing. She asked her trainee “Didn’t we have a red-haired kid in our class?”, but she already knew the answer. The teacher and the trainee were desperate that it was only the first day of school and she had already lost a student. The pair quickly ran back to the school’s park and began searching for the young student inside every single structure and toy in the playground, up in the trees, anywhere one would expect a child to be hidden. The teacher finally got to the most peaceful spot in the park, up on a small hill with a tree at the top, at that time being bathed by the strong orange light of the setting sun. Laying against the trunk of…show more content…
It is probably something I can attribute to my mom, who has always been an avid reader and a great influence in my life. Anything that I could get my hands on was quickly devoured by my curious intellect and used to try to quench my insatiable thirst for knowledge. I would read fiction, non-fiction, history books, novels, short stories, articles, encyclopaedias, dictionaries. My friends got their phones or TV taken away when they were grounded. My mom would take away the book I was reading at the moment. Throughout my life, I have had unmatched facility in school, being able to learn a lot quicker than my peers and oftentimes already knowing what the teacher was teaching and contributing with facts and different perspectives from something I had read. My academic success is still going on, and I cannot help but recognize that although part of it may have been simply my nature, I probably would not be half the scholar (or even the person) I am today without my books. With this realization in my mind, I decided to start a book
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