Essay On How To Reduce Gun Violence

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How to reduce gun violence

"In the 1960's, there was one school shooting. In the 1980's, there were 27. In the 1990's, there were 58. In the past decade, there have been over 120" (Hoehn). The last 18 years have been experienced by too many shootings. We must take action to help stop gun violence. In furtherance of reducing gun violence, we must handle the problem of easy access to guns and address men's mental health.

One way to reduce gun violence is to regulate the easy access to guns. In the article," How to Reduce Shootings", by Nicolas Kristoff in The New York Times Kristoff claims how automobiles could kill as many people as guns but they don't because we regulate them and limit easy access to automobiles. "We don't ban cars, but we work hard to regulate them - and limit access to them – so as to reduce the death toll they cause. This has been spectacularly successful, reducing the death rate per 100 million miles driven by 95 percent since 1921" (Kristoff). Regulations that could be added before accessing guns to help reduce gun violence are banning people under 21 to purchase firearms, background checks, and banning bump stocks. Cars have been regulated greatly since 1921 and the death toll has gone down to 95 percent for every 100 million miles driven, if we regulate guns the way we do with cars the death toll could also go down greatly and we wouldn't have to worry about these shootings happening. Additionally, we can also have tighter gun laws to help reduce gun violence. According to Nicolas Kristoff in "How to Reduce Shootings", tightening gun laws would
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As well as addressing men's mental health to prevent men from acting out because they are lonely, have been humiliated and ridiculed which has caused them to use gun violence to solve those

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