Essay On How To Reduce Police Brutality

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So how can we end police brutality? Some people think it starts with the training, many people think that the police don 't get the proper training before they are let out onto the street with a badge and a gun, and in my opinion they would be wrong. Now in some cases yes there may be few departments or states that require much less training to become an officer. The length of time required to complete academy training averaged 19 weeks in 2006, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The Memphis Police Department Academy takes around 21 weeks to complete. San Diego’s program last six months. And some police academies are if they are in military boot camp. While people think that the police do not receive enough training, in fact they do, including…show more content…
As much as people would like to think, the police officers are not trained to beat people up that don 't listen to them, they are trained for self defense and trained to defend others from people that may be a threat. Now this doesn’t mean that someone who wants to be an officer because it makes them feel powerful wont come along and do the wrong thing. Someone like that could make it through the academy, receive the proper training, and then still make the wrong decisions and abuse their power. The police are not corrupt, but the person representing them may be. And that 's where it starts, one officer might abuse someone or intimidate them unnecessarily, then he feels good about himself because people fear him, often one bad officer will end up causing more in that same department. The same with officers that skim drugs from a large bust, the same goes for police brutality and their abuse of force and authority they are given. The question of how to get rid of police brutality is a difficult one, but the problem is a true reality, as sad as it is, it is becoming a public safety and health crisis. It seems that more and more police officers are being accused and charged with crimes regarding their abuse of
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