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How to Repair Damaged Hair How to repair damaged hair: Hair damage can be considered one of the most common medical issues today. Almost every other person is complaining about this issue and finding ways to curb it. A number of factors are involved which can damage the hair. 1) Pollution is a major factor involved in weakening of the roots. Harmful gases, smoke and dust will give you a hair damage frenzy. It is almost impossible to protect your hair from pollution, so hair damage is a problem which most people suffer from. 2) Diets these days are not taken properly. Children, instead of taking wholesome meals are filling their stomachs with useless carbs and junk food. This does not allow the natural growth of hair to take its own course. The parents are also not aware of the importance a balanced diet can have when it comes to hair. 3) A drastic increase in the use of electronic irons on the hair has been seen lately. This temporarily gives a shiny and a beautiful…show more content…
Make sure whenever you wash or dry them out, handle them carefully and be friendly with them. You have to love your hair in order for them to get healed. Do not stretch, pull or crush them. Always use a soft steady hand. It is better to towel dry them instead of an electronic hair dryer. The excessive heat can further cause the damage. Similarly, other irons also should be avoided. • Keep your hair moisturized at most times. Oiling them twice a week will keep them nourished and smooth. Combing or brushing them will be easier and will not cause hair breakage. Natural oils from olive, coconut, mustard seeds and other herbs provide hair with the necessary supplements. They repair the damaged cells on the hair and restore the lost protein. Oiling not only provides the hair with essential nutrients, but the process enhances blood flow to the hair. Rubbing the scalp gently with your fingertips can regulate the blood flow, which reaches all the

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