Conservation Of Endangered Species

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Aware of this problem, a small group of students and professors dedicated to research of biology suggested that more biodiverse parks might save lots of endangered species – plants or animals. (Roman, Ehrlich, Pringle, Avise) They suggest that if more people visit the natural parks and reserves, they can invest in more security for the animals in the reserves. Following, the country might even invest in more biodiversity parks. In this way, we might be able to save these endangered species. To make this solution happen, first people who are aware of the problem would need to start doing what they can do to help. They could bring up ideas of going to nature parks and reserves with their families instead of fun parks. However, when there are…show more content…
People who are suggesting the solution mainly include biologists, biology professors and conservation organizations. A small group including a biologist, professors and their students have suggested this solution in detail in an article. They have contributed their study in the accurate area for this topic and have years of experience. (Roman, Joe, Ehrlich, Pringle, and Avise) WWF is a conservation organization founded on April 29, 1961. It is an organization working in the field of biodiversity conservation and make sure that humans have as least impact on the nature as possible. It is one of the biggest conservation organization.(N.A. 17) The ways that this solution is helping now is that it is keeping the natural habitat for endangered species secure and protecting them from going extinct. In the future, the opportunities from the solution could be that we could be successful in eventually stopping the sixth mass extinction. If many people visit the parks and the solution becomes successful, the government might invest in more reservation parks. As the reserves will need to collect the animals, it would require a high amount investment and…show more content…
If people stop the marketing of illegal souvenirs, we can stop a small part of the mass extinction. This solution would work if people stopped buying souvenirs or anything made of body parts of species like skin, fur, bone, shell, beak or hooves. To make people stop buying these type of souvenirs, government will need to come together to make everyone aware of the situation. The would need to inform them that thousand of species who are going extinct and if they continue buying the products it is going to encourage the people who killed, crafted it or sold it. (N.A. 7) The government could also give them a penalty of high amount of money or sentence for years. US Customs and Border Security (CBP) says,“any person who violates any provision may be assessed a civil penalty of not more than $10,000 for each separate knowing and intentional violation, $5,000 for each separate gross negligent violation, or $3,000 for each separate negligent violation.” (N.A. 12) But still in some part of the US products made from parts of Polar Bear, whale, Sea Otter, Walrus and fur seals are manufactured and purchased

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