Essay On How To Sedate A Dog

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How to Sedate a Dog - What are the Factors You Should Consider?

Many people are pet lovers and dogs are among the most loved among pets. Man’s fondness for dogs can be seen in various ways. Some eat and sleep with their dogs, bring them to pet shops for hair grooming, stroll with them in the park, take them to vets when their health condition so demand, and even take them along when they travel.

Sometimes, pet owners have to sedate their dogs to provide medical assistance, give them aesthetic services, and bring them along during a trip.This article will concentrate on the following topics: 1) what are the reasons for sedating dogs, and 2) how to sedate a dog by giving a medical prescription, and without giving prescription medication.
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The pet owner by experience will be in the best position to decide. After weighing all the factors involved, you can now choose from the following options how to sedate a dog.

Using Prescription Medications

A veterinary doctor should prescribe the sedative drug. These drugs are very effective. Vets usually prescribe drugs that block certain signals in the central nervous system (CNS) causing the dog to become sedated or calm. The two most common drugs are acepromazine and diazepam.

The drug acepromazine (PromAce) is given to calm aggressive animals. Giving this drug to a dog prevents vomiting and itchiness, making long distance travel bearable for dogs.

On the other hand, Diazepam (Valium) is also a sedative which relaxes muscles, stimulates appetite and prevents convulsions. This drug is ideal for dogs with seizure and appetite problems.

Sedating Dogs without Giving Medication

Experts on dog behavior found out that giving dog exercises before traveling or doing any activity helps the dog to be calm and perform well. After a good exercise, the dog has burned off excess energy enticing him to rest. A 30-minute brisk walking scheduled regularly can help a
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