Narrative Essay Ghost Story

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Dorothy was struggling with sleeping everyday, because she was able to see something that normal people can’t. She was able to see ghosts, not by her choice but by fate. This scary ability started when she was twenty one years old, which was two years ago. It was a bus crash accident that caused by extreme rain with hail, which killed about 43 people with only seven survivors, and Dorothy was one of them. Before, she was a normal student like others who couldn’t see ghosts. She was very normal like others who sleep during nights and get up at mornings and love to hang around with her friends and make new friends. However, after that indecent, her life totally changed. She had to see ghosts that look creepy every time as she is looking at other human beings. To make matters worse, ghosts were able to recognize Dorothy and tried to talk to her and possess her; if she is possessed…show more content…
David and Sarin was a cute couple that many people was jealous about, unfortunately, Sarin died because of the crash back then. Sarin loved him too much she didn’t go to heaven, but decided to become a ghost and stay at this world for three years. The maximum of staying in the real world was three years, and if they stay more than three years, they have to leave to the heaven, or stay forever as an evil spirit. To make matters worse, since Sarin was getting close to three years, she was already turning to an evil spirit. As David and Sarin@Dorothy’s sprint spend time together, David thought Dorothy was acting different than before, and seemed to know the memories when David and Sarin was dating two years ago that he wanted to deny. So he went to meet Dorothy’s older sister, and heard a striking story, that Dorothy can see ghosts and she can be possessed by them; he never said a word. Consequently, David wanted to make sure if Dorothy was actually possessed by Sarin, and asked some questions that only Sarin know about
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