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How to Shape Eyebrows: Eyebrows first need to fit and be harmonious with the shape of your face. For example, if your jaw is rounder, your eyebrows will have a more rounded shape; if your jaw is squarer, then you should go for angular eyebrows. For each of these following steps, do not hesitate to use a coffee stick or some sort of pen to help you figure out straight lines. Make a mark at each reference point with an eyebrow pencil. Where it starts: to determine the precise spot where your eyebrow should start, align the wing of your nose with the outer corner of your eye. The arc: it should be aligned with the outside corner of your nose through the outer corner of your pupil. Where it ends: to determine where your eyebrow should stop, align the outer corner of your nose…show more content…
Shape your Eyebrows: Let your eyebrows fill in. Don’t touch those brows of yours for at least 3 weeks to allow you to see the natural growth pattern and shape of your eyebrows. This will also allow the hair to be on one growth cycle – when hairs are taken out at once they will all grow in at once – meaningless tweezing altogether. How to Select Tweezers: Tweeze hair in a well-lit space using a pair of good tweezers with sharply slanted edges. Hold skin taut and pull hairs in the direction of growth. Tweeze after you get out of the shower when the skin is softer and pores are open or use children’s teething gel to slightly numb the area. Natural Brow Line: Follow your own natural brow line. Everyone’s bone structure and brows are different so don’t go trying to copy your favorite celeb’s brow – it won’t necessarily look good on your face. Lesson learned. If you’re not sure where your eyebrows should be, run your finger along your eyebrow bone. Arch Your

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