Essay On How To Stop Mass Shootings

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Things we can do to stop Mass Shootings Time and time again you look at the news and see a new mass shooting and instead of addressing the issue and trying to stop future ones from happening. We just have arguments about guns and how if everyone was armed it would have been different. While the news does nothing but talk about the shooter and very little about the victims of the shooting. When a person commits a mass shooting it should be taken an act of terrorism as this is literally an act that is not only bringing terror to the citizens by it effects. Ultimately hurting and killing those around that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one loves terrorist attacks so making mass shootings a form of attack on the nation will make shooters think more before doing a horrific act like this.…show more content…
Even though the person did a horrible act, hurt, and killed many people and you want to make sure the world knows how insane the person is you don’t need to keep talking about him all hours of the day. What this does is get other people like that shooter to want to be talked about and then we have another mass shooting. Instead focus on all the victims and the family’s effected by this a lot more you can tell the people a little about the shooter but don’t make the shooter way more important than the victims. Infamous is still famous for these people an example of the news talking way to much of the killer is Adam Lanza the shooter of the elementary school in Connecticut, I know about him but don’t hardly know anything about the victims. A trick shooters have adapted in court is saying that they are mentally ill not saying that some of them aren’t, you would have to have something wrong with you to want to do something on this

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