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How to stop poverty.
Education is the key to stopping poverty in South Africa. So work hard to do your bit in life and contribute to the community as a well educated member of society and not a criminal who need to demoralize the nation.
Corruption and theft by government must also be stopped.

Historical causes of poverty.
War affects every aspect of a child 's development. Children affected by armed conflict can be injured or killed, uprooted from their homes and communities, internally displaced or refugees, orphaned or separated from their parents and families, subjected to sexual abuse and exploitation, victims of trauma as a result of being exposed to violence, deprived of education and recreation, at risk of becoming child soldiers. It is highly
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The face of poverty.
Typically the face of poverty in South Africa is in the rural areas where they face problems of unemployment, Aids orphans, drought and little food supply. It then moves to urban areas as people flood in looking for work to earn money to send home and support their families, this causes them to live in dangerous and unhealthy conditions and they often turn to crime to survive. The cost of food rising and oil prices stops people from being able to afford food and using transport to get to work. Many kids are orphaned due to their parents dying from HIV/AIDS and this means that they are now other peoples responsibility, the family member that adopts them may not even have enough money to support themselves this is where children are just left stranded somewhere and the guardian expects them to look after themselves.
Many poor families see children as assets because they feel that children especially males are free labour for their farming etc. Therefore they reproduce which leads to overpopulation and them not being able to afford to support their family causing poverty.
Illiteracy and lack of education are the main causes of

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