Essay On How To Survive In Pakistan

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How to Survive In a Pakistan
A Pakistan is a good country. My father is from Pakistan and my relatives are living in Pakistan. However, the culture is completely different from Japan and it is hard to live in Pakistan. You need some information about Pakistan and you have to forget the common sense of Japan.
The first thing you must know is the language. The national language of Pakistan is called “Urdu”. Some people are able to speak English, but most of them can’t speak English. So you better know some words in Urdu such as ‘Pani (water)’, ‘Khaanaa (Food)’, ‘Shukria (Thank you)’, etc.
The next thing you must know in order to survive in Pakistan is the currency. The currency unit in a Pakistan is called a rupee. The 1 rupee is 1 yen in May 2016. In Japan, the 100 yen is very cheap. You
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The 1st concern is the light. In Pakistan, there is no enough electricity. Therefore, the electricity is cut off 2-3 times in a day. All lights turn off and anything requires electricity is not working. The 2nd concern is the water. In Japan, you can drink the tap water. But in Pakistan, the tap water is not clean and it may cause you stomachache. So when you drink water, make sure that you are drinking a mineral water. In Pakistan, there is no toilet paper in toilet. Instead of toilet paper, there is a tap and a bottle. After you use the toilet, fill in the water bottle and clean your private part. If the water is not enough to clean, use the middle finger of left and clean properly. The water in Pakistan is not clean and not cheap. So, most of the people in Pakistan do not take a shower every day. They only take a shower once in 2-3 days. The last concern is the food. In Pakistan, people like to eat curry. There are many variations. For example, beef, chicken, mutton, fish, vegetables, etc. Pakistan people use special bread called “Naan” to eat curry. In Pakistan, people are using hand to eat

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